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Karaj Electronics manufactures the fastest induction flood machines

? What distinguishes our devices


Karaj behkar Electronic Co., the first manufacturer of Induction cap sealing flood machines in Iran and member of Iranian Food Machinery Makers Association

Fully portable polyurethane wheels

Induction cap sealing Sealant Machine of Karaj Electronic Company have Polyurethane wheels, It is acid resistant , Alkali and oil are industrial , It is also fully portable and portable from line to line and It is in several production lines.

Container floods range from 10 to 150 mm with only one head
Induction cap sealing Flow Machine manufactured by Karaj behkar Electronics Company has the ability to flood containers from 10 to 150 openings without changing heads, and Consequently, a device can be used for containers with different openings.

Telescopic lift

Automatic induction flood lift made by Karaj behkar electronics company goes up to 50 cm height , It also prevents the accumulation of dust and any material due to its structure.