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Automatic induction flood device


In the past, before the induction flooding machine was introduced to the market, either a heat seal or a heat press was used to flood the containers. With the advancement of science and technology of Induction cap sealing machine, a new and safer method for Induction cap sealing containers with aluminum foil has been replaced by the thermal method. The Induction Flooding Machine is expanding and improving every day as an advanced method in the packaging market.


What is Induction Flood:

Induction flood device is a non-contact heating process that floods the container with the induction gasket located inside the lid of the container, the process being caused by the magnetic field created by the induction gasket on the inlet of the flood container. Prevents penetration of liquids and moisture into the container. The gaskets for the Induction cap sealing include a cardboard or foam backing layer, a paraffin layer, a thin aluminum layer, and a heat-sensitive polymer layer that is compatible with the material of the container. It should be noted that depending on the type of product and the type of Induction cap sealing behkar electronic gasket in question can be selected.


It should be borne in mind that metal containers or doors should not be used when operating the device due to the magnetic field being flooded.


Induction flood devices are classified as follows:

1- Manual or portable induction flood device


2- Automatic induction flood device


Handheld and portable induction flooding machine is divided into two models of small manual induction flood and large manual Induction cap sealing. The main difference is the size of the induction gasket to seal the container. Generally a small induction flood is used for a container with a diameter of 2 to 10 cm and a large induction flood for a container with a diameter of 6 to 13 cm.



The application of manual induction flooding is in production units and small capacity workshops. The function of the manual Induction cap sealing is that after inserting the gasket into the container door and closing it, the manual sealant device is placed on the container door and applying magnetic field by button pressure and the effect of heat created on the induction gasket. , The container is flooded and the so-called seal


Material of PP, PVC, PE, PET container can be sealed by manual Induction cap sealing. A manual induction flood device can be used for packaging pharmaceutical, food and chemical products.


Automatic Induction Flooding Machine:

The function of the automatic Induction cap sealing is to insert the gasket into the bottle lid and after the bottle lid is closed, the container is simply passed through the conveyer under the head of the machine (mounted on the conveyor). This allows the dishes to pass through the magnetic field created by the device and flood. The induction electromagnetic current of the induction gasket floods the container.


Another factor to be considered in a semi-automatic induction flood device is the size of the conveyor and the speed of the conveyor, which is tailored to customer requirements.


One of the effective factors in selecting automatic induction flooding machine is the packing speed (conveyor speed) of the device and the diameter of the induction gasket used.