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Air-cooled induction flood device BEA 6000

Device Specifications

1- Cooling technology (no pumps and radiators and no maintenance required)

2- Flood containers from 10 to 150 mm openings with no need to replace the head

3- Capacity of 10,000 to 30,000 units per hour (converter speed up to 40 m / min)

4- High speed and different sizes with high efficiency all in one head

5- High efficiency in all sizes due to advanced head design

6- Steel body 304 warning

7- Fully portable due to its small size, low weight and use of polyurethane wheels

8- No RF interference due to power control system

9- Use of German semiconductor fans and switches

10- Available in two IP65 and IP53 compartments

11- Power consumption 200 to 1000 watts

12- Custom foil detector system